Perry Capitalizes on Warmer and Drier Winter By Keeping Up with Road Maintenance

February 10, 2017 5:35 am

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perry logoThe mostly dry and mild winter has allowed the City of Perry to keep up on road surfaces so far this year.

Deputy Public Works Director Josh Wuebker says the recent resurfacing project has also helped.

“It has been warm and cold, warm and cold, so we’re getting a lot of freeze/thaw.  A huge thing that has helped us out this year is the overlay project we did in the summer and the fall.  Being able to do a lot of those roads we would have spent a lot of time on that has saved us a tremendous amount of time and a tremendous amount of money.”

Wuebker says crews have been out a couple times recently making minor repairs to some of the larger potholes as they have not needed to spend a lot of time plowing this season.

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