Dallas County Supervisors Approve Erroneous Canvas Plan, Right of Way Purchase and Hear a Budget Request

February 15, 2017 5:35 am

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IMG_4225The Dallas County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Tuesday.

At the meeting, a payroll change notice for the County Attorney’s office was approved as presented.   The Assistant County Attorney has taken a position with Polk County and Dallas County will be looking to fill the vacancy.

Architect Jerry Purdy then gave a brief update on the 902 Court Street building and north campus.  He says the punch list items are being wrapped up and the small cosmetic issues that need to be addressed are being worked on.

The Housing Trust Fund Authority then presented their fiscal year 2018 budget funding request.  President Clyde Evans says they’re looking to try and make up for the DeSoto Tax Increment Financing funds that expired last year.  It is estimated that around 20 families per year have benefited from this opportunity since it started in 2005.  No action was taken on the request.

The third of three right of way purchase agreements for the 250th Street grading and culvert replacement project was then approved.  The County will be purchasing 0.39 acres at a cost of $3,646.

Utility valuations were then approved as presented.  This is for railroads, telephone, telegraph, pipe, water, electric and gas line companies in the County.

The disallowance of agricultural land tax credit and/or family farm tax credit applications were also approved as presented.  This is for parcels that are less than 10 acres and not contiguous to other properties that are more than 10 acres.

An erroneous canvas plan for election results was then discussed.  The Board was asked to convene a General Election Review Commission.  Auditor Julia Helm suggested appointing a commission consisting of a Democrat and a Republican from the special precinct board and representatives from the Republican and Democratic party.  The commission will review the documents and the number of absentee votes that were not transferred into the totals group report.  Helm says this is not a requirement but is what she feels is best to make sure there are no result mistakes moving forward.  Her office submitted the idea to the Secretary of State who instructed them to go ahead with the commission plan.   Helm says they do not have the authority to re-canvass or recount the election results as it has been closed, so instead she can add supplemental information.  Because Helm was on the ballot in the November general election, Board Chairman Kim Chapman suggested having a knowledgable election official from another county step in to head up these efforts.  The Board approved the establishment of the commission and asked the Auditor’s office to return next week with appointee recommendations for consideration.

Budget discussions continued.  Operations Administrator Rob Tietz says budget meetings have continued and changes have been made.  A public hearing and budget presentation has been set for Tuesday, March 7th at 7pm in the Supervisors meeting room in Adel.


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