Road Conditions in Greene County Improving, But Continue to Drive Slowly

January 10, 2017 10:52 am

greene-county-secondary-roads-shopRoad conditions are improving, but drivers are urged to travel cautiously.

Greene County Secondary Roads Foreman Tanner Stauffer says their crews have been out since 6am treating the secondary roads in the County. Earlier in the morning, they sprayed the more critical parts of the roads with calcium-chloride to help burn through the freezing rain and icy road conditions. Now they are applying sand and salt, while scraping off excessive ice on the gravel roads and hilly areas in the County. Stauffer adds that all paved roads were treated earlier.

He reminds everyone that even though road conditions are improving, to continue to drive slowly and under control. He also recommends that if you don’t have to travel, don’t do it.

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