Perry Schools Work to Prevent Drop Outs

January 11, 2017 5:29 am

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perry schoolsThe Perry School Board approved an almost $591,000 application for modified supplemental aid at their meeting this week.

The funds will be used to help at-risk students and prevent dropouts.

Superintendent Lynn Ubben says the District has many resources in place that are funded through the monies.

“We fund counselors, and not all, typically not 100% of all of these positions but we’ll fund some counselors, we have some at-risk prevention staff members, maybe some paras in the building.  We have our alternative school program.  Most of it is salaries but it will also fund some curriculum.”

Ubben says drop out prevention can start at the elementary level with something as seemingly simple as attendance.

Perry’s drop out percentage is currently below the state average.

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