Perry Mayor Says Big Things Are Starting to Happen

January 6, 2017 5:35 am

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perry signFor years Perry Mayor Jay Pattee has said the town is on the brink of something big.  Now that a new year has started, we asked him if that’s still the case of if he feels things have started happening.

“We’re seeing these basements start.  And then we keep getting nibbles, if you will, that we haven’t quite been able to pull in but it seems they’re coming more than they were a short while ago.  Downtown buildings are changing hands and the people that are buying them are doing things with them.  Corners and buildings that were eyesores downtown are turning into nice places to look at.  It’s not happening but what I feel is we are turning the corner, it’s all starting to happen.”

Pattee says many of the things that have been talked about for many years are starting to get completed including annexation, road expansion and repairs, tax abatement and things to add to the quality of life in Perry.

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