Jefferson Police Warns Public About Bogus Traffic Stop

January 4, 2017 11:08 am

Jefferson Police BadgeThe Jefferson Police Department warns the public about a bogus traffic stop.

The department received a phone call from a resident shortly after 9pm Tuesday.  The man said he was stopped in the 300 block of North Locust Street by an unmarked police sedan with a working spotlight and blue grille lights.  A male dressed in black and wearing a badge on a necklace approached the man’s vehicle, requesting his driver’s license. The driver was then told he was being stopped for a non-functioning registration light on the rear of his vehicle. After a short time later, the male gave the license back to him.

The victim thought the incident was strange and reported it. Neither the police department, nor the Greene County Sheriff’s office have an unmarked patrol vehicle matching the description. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle following the report. An investigation into the incident is ongoing at this time. Chief Clouse says the vehicle is a white Chevrolet Impala, pictured in this story. It also has a spotlight on the driver’s side door. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the vehicle, may call the nonemergency number of the law enforcement center at 386-2136.

Stock photo of similar vehicle. Photo courtesy of Jefferson PD

Stock photo of similar vehicle. Photo courtesy of Jefferson PD

The department wants to remind everyone to make sure that if you get pulled over, that you are in a well lit area. If you think there is something suspicious about the traffic stop, call 911. Give the location of the stop to dispatch. The dispatcher can then verify the authenticity of the stop and send officers to your location if needed.

Anyone in law enforcement should identify themselves and their department as soon as they come in contact with the driver. The driver can also request the officer’s badge number and identify what law enforcement agency they are with.

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