Guthrie Center Woman Receives Suspended Prison Sentence After Reaching Plea Deal in Methamphetamine Case

January 11, 2017 11:38 am

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brandi-woodallA woman arrested on drug charges in Guthrie County last March was handed a suspended prison sentence.

According to court documents, 47 year-old Brandi Woodall reached a plea deal and was convicted of a controlled substance violation, a Class C Felony, and failure to affix a drug tax stamp.  In court Monday, Woodall received 10 and five-year prison sentences, which will be suspended as long as she obeys the rules of her two, three-year probation mandates.  She was also ordered to pay more than $2,900 in fines, surcharges and court costs.

The charges stem from a search warrant that was executed at a residence in the 300 block of Park Avenue in Guthrie Center on March 11th.  Officers found 100 grams of methamphetamine, marijuana and associated drug paraphernalia in the home.  Woodall was originally charged with possession with intent to deliver meth, a drug tax stamp violation and possession of marijuana.

Three others were also arrested as the result of the search warrant.

James Pickel reached a plea deal for possession of meth and possession of marijuana.  He received a 30 day suspended jail sentence, one year of probation and was ordered to pay $2,275 in fines, surcharges and fees.

Rick Berringan was convicted of possession of a controlled substance.  He received a 60 day suspended jail sentence, 2 years of probation $660 in fines, surcharges and fees.

Nicky Woodall received a deferred judgment for her possession of marijuana charge, is on probation for one year and ordered to pay $675.




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