Dallas County Supervisors Hire Firm to Educate the Public on Proposed Law Enforcement Facility

January 11, 2017 5:35 am

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img_3953The Dallas County Board of Supervisors met in regular session Tuesday.

At the meeting, the Board approved payroll change notices as presented with a 2-1 vote with Chairman Kim Chapman voting no.

The second change order to Brocon Services for the 902 Court Street building was then approved as presented.

The Samuels Group then presented information on their proposal to educate the public on the proposed new law enforcement center.  The group plans to put together a website as the backbone of the educational campaign.  It will include the plans, tax impact, frequently asked questions and voting information.  They will also use social media platforms such as Facebook to share information and communicate with the public, along with radio and television ads, an electronic newsletter and informational meetings.  Operations Administrator Rob Tietz says this is not the most money they have spent on a campaign as the first time the bond referendum was put out to the public, they paid a firm around $28,000 to market the proposal. The Samuels Group hopes to launch the campaign within the next few weeks. The proposal comes at a cost not to exceed $23,250 and the Board approved it as presented.

Six prior years’ outstanding checks were then cancelled in the amount of $92.41.

The Board then discussed an invitation to participate in the Greater Des Moines leadership Institute Curriculum Committee.  The Supervisors were asked to participate in a panel discussion on the various layers of government and how they interact and work together.  The class takes place January 26th at the Metropolitan Planning Organization office in Des Moines and Supervisor Mark Hanson may attend if available.


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