A Major Community Development Project on Horizon in 2017 for Greene County

January 11, 2017 5:22 am

Greene County Development Corporation has shifted its focus for 2017.

Economic Development Director Ken Paxton says they are working on a major project for GCDC’s new vision of community development. He believes that since the County has an abundant amount of jobs available, now they need to provide other amenities to get people to move and live in the area.

He says they’ve been having discussions with a development organization in Des Moines that could transform Greene County into a tourism destination and capture a segment of people that he believes are needed for the community.

“One of the key things is the ability to attract the Millennials. Millennials have shown, one study after another, that they’re most interested when they move is not a job, although that’s important, the most important thing to them is an active, fun community. And this would certainly put us on the map for that.”

The community development project would include attractions such as a swimming pool park, a covered horse arena and a sports complex. Paxton adds that Jefferson would be a pilot program and it would make them a leader in rural tourism in Iowa.

The project is still in the planning stages and no proposal has been made.


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