The Future of Greene County Community Foundation

April 11, 2016 5:25 am

GCCF_Horizontal_CMYKFrom it’s humble beginnings, Greene County Community Foundation has certainly undergone some changes.

Eleven years ago, the Community Foundation started by raising $32,500 from 40 donors. In 2016, they’ve given away 200 grants, totaling $1,015,00 to 80 non-profit organizations. Some groups continue to utilize the Community Foundation for funding including three entities receiving grants in nine of the eleven years. Those groups include the Friends of Rippey, Churdan Public Library and the Greene County Early Learning Center.

President Tom Wind says for the past ten years, they received funding from state gambling revenue because the county was considered as a non-gaming community, but due to the county now having a casino, their primary funding now comes through Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation.

“We are really happy to be partnering with Grow Greene County. But their commitment to the county, to economic development, to the improvement of the people in the community and to help people do things, is the same commitment that we have. It’s such a good marriage and fit.”

Wind points out that their endowment is another key factor for their organization. It has grown to over $600,000 and that’s money that can’t be touched. While he doesn’t know how they will continue to grow their endowment through gaming revenue, he is asking for more local support by donating to their permanent fund.

To donate to the endowment fund, check out their new website at


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