Almost $1 Million in Grants Given Away at First-Ever Grow Greene County Ceremony

April 5, 2016 5:31 am

GGCGC Grant Ceremony pic 2Grow Greene County Gaming Corporation gave away $900,354 in grants to 24 recipients at their first-ever ceremony at Wild Rose in Jefferson.

GGCGC received five percent of the adjusted gross revenue from Wild Rose as the non-profit gaming license holder to distribute to worthy projects and entities. The funds were given to the contiguous counties, all the towns and school districts in the county, along with Greene County Community Foundation, Greene County Development Corporation, Greene County Medical Center and five competitive grants were given for “impact” projects in the county.

Greene County Conservation received the largest amount of the competitive grants with $124,000 to finish their project to pave the rest of the trail crossings along the Raccoon River Valley Trail. Other competitive grants went to the Churdan Public Library to help with their expansion project, Bell Tower Community Foundation to purchase additional bells for the Mahanay Bell Tower, Jefferson Fire Department to upgrade their air pack equipment and Genesis Development to replace a baler. The competitive grants totaled $356,425. There were 13 applications that the Board considered.GGCGC Grant Ceremony pic 1

GGCGC President Norm Fandel was incredibly pleased with how the event went Monday night.

“Absolutely fabulous. Great crowd and 100 percent participation from all of the recipients. Not only one but several people from the different groups showed up to receive the awards. Knowing the amount of funds and the amount of dollars that were awarded for the evening and the different groups and who received them, I can’t be more happy with the (GGCGC) Board and what we did.”

Conservation Director Dan Towers (2nd from right) receives check for project

Conservation Director Dan Towers (2nd from right) receives check for project

Grant funds that were awarded were only for the accumulated funds from when the casino opened last July to December 31, 2015.

A full list of the recipients and how much money they received can be found below.

 2016 GGCGC Grant Recipients


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