Saturday’s Results

July 11, 2015 5:36 pm

Beef Show Results:

2015 Beef Show Results


Share the Fun Results:

Megan Palmer: Piano Solo-Blue ribbon

Hannah Curtis: Piano Solo-Purple ribbon (State Fair)

Hardin Clovers: Madison Hall, Lydia Leggitt, Regan Lamoureux, Kassie and Kristen Lamoureux-Purple ribbon (State Fair)

Communication Working Exhibits Results:

Lucas Fisher: Blue ribbon

Katrina and Emily Heupel: Purple ribbon (Clay County Fair)


Horse Fun Show Results: (All received 1st place)

Costume Class: Megan Brincks (Brincks dressed up as a convict and her pony dressed up as a sheriff)

Hand Trail: Ashley Kuhl

Senior Trail: Caity Schaben

Intermediate Trail: Jenna Klocke

Junior Trail: Conner Allender

Novice Trail: Mariah Durlam

Senior Barrels: Ashley Kuhl

Intermediate Barrels: Jenna Klocke

Junior Barrels: Conner Allender

Senior Poles: Megan Klocke

Intermediate Poles: Maya Andersen

Junior Poles: Conner Allender

Cart Class: Megan Brincks

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