Tuesday and Wednesday Results

July 8, 2015 10:28 am

4-H and FAA Poultry Results

  • Participants had to create education posters due to not being allowed to bring live birds to the fair.

Junior Posters:

Conner Allender – “Let’s Talk About Poultry” – Purple Ribbon

Ty Kenan – “How Does a Chicken Lay an Egg?” – Purple Ribbon

Megan Palmer – “Silver Laced Wyandotte” – Purple Ribbon

Eliot Schilling – “The Dinosaur Chicken” – Purple Ribbon

Junior Champion: Ty Kenan (Junction Food Producers)

Senior Posters:

Lucas Fisher – “Eyes on Avian Flu” – Purple Ribbon

Jared Marshall – “Jumbo Cornish Rock” – Purple Ribbon

Jack Schilling – “The Mouse Hunter” – Purple Ribbon

Senior Champion:  Lucas Fisher (Hardin Happy Hustlers)

Overall Champion: Jared Marshall (Hardin Happy Hustlers)


4-H Static Exhibit Results

2015 GC Fair Static Exhibit Results


4-H and FFA Dog Agility Results

Advanced Beginner Agility Champion: Conner Allender with Midnight

Advanced Beginner Agility Reserve Champion: Regan Lamoureux

Intermediate Agility Champion:  Noelle Gray with Daisy

Intermediate Agility Reserve Champion: Brian Hardaway

Costume Class Champion:  Conner Allender with Midnight

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