River-to-River Classic Car Tour – Route 6

August 2, 2013 6:30 am

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CarThe River-to-River Classic Car Tour is coming August 24th and this is the opportunity to show off the communities in Guthrie County on Route 6.


Audrey Wells, member of White Pole Road Development Association in Stuart says, “Route 6 was the 1st Hwy across the United States, 3,652 miles from Province Town, Massachusetts and

ended up in Long Beach, California.”


White Pole Road is Route 6 and there are approximately 16 towns in Iowa that it either went through or currently goes through.


Wells points out that there will be a documentary filmed during the event, so this would be a great chance to showcase any old, vintage vehicles people may have.


“If you have an old car, if you don’t want to actually do the tour, just park your car along the street where it can be viewed. If your town has an old fire truck, park it

along the street, get some old tractors along there.”


Organizer Dave Darby says the purpose of the tour is to bring as many people as possible over old Route 6.


For more information go to www.route6tour.com and click on River-to-River Classic Car Tour.

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